eLitmus is a Talent-Technology company. Along with building & managing extremely sophisticated SAAS platforms, we bring a great consulting mindset to the table. Some of the biggest names, including Fortune 500s, trust and use eLitmus platforms across multiple geographies to assess and hire talent OR use our insights to make their talent strategy. This includes the largest IT consulting company, Asset management company, Antivirus company, Networking company, etc.

Why you cannot miss this opportunity?

eLitmus builds entrepreneurs. A three to four year stint with eLitmus and you are set for life. Don’t believe it? Our past track record speaks for itself.

Here is a sample list of eLitmus alumni who had very average resumes at the time of joining but have now made it big:

  • Consulting world
    • A tier-3 engineering college colleague is now a McKinsey Partner
    • Another one a Fast tracker in Accenture Strategy
  • Business roles
    • Global Head of People & Culture at Jio Haptik despite no background in HR
    • VP Marketing for a world leader software SAAS provider, Vymo, despite not having an MBA degree (A job coveted by even IIM-A graduates)
    • Owner of a successful restaurant chain in Mysore
    • Founder of Unplan (post-eLitmus, he went to IIM-A)
  • Tech roles
    • Tier-3 engineering college engineers are today at Meta, Microsoft, etc post an eLitmus stint.

If you are someone who loves to live your life on your terms rather than doing what others expect you to do, welcome to the world of “everything is possible”.

About your role

You will be assigned to a team that will be given complete ownership of a project. You will work as an entrepreneur to solve a business problem (some with the help of tech). You will have to use your entrepreneurial spirit, resourcefulness, and initiative to complete it (Supervision will be minimal). On successful completion, you stand a chance to get a pre-placement offer from eLitmus –

  • Full-stack Developer – ₹ 12 Lakhs
  • Business Associate – ₹ 8 Lakhs

About the Projects

  • There are 6 projects. Each project will have 2~4 interns working as an independent team cracking real-life problems
    • Projects may or may not require software to be built
    • Candidates intending to make a career in software development will be assigned to projects where part of the scope is to build software
  • Some sample projects –
    • Youtube Channel – Ever wished to know what it’s like to be a Youtuber/ Content Creator? Ideate, script, shoot, animate, and edit videos to create a youtube channel for millions of eLitians !
    • Student Business Platform – Enable millions of student ventures PAN-India (think Shopify++) to market & sell their services/ products etc.
    • Campus Engagement Programs – Create & manage a PAN-India program with the craziest fests/ events/ challenges across colleges that can be leveraged by companies (FMCG/ eCommerce) as a low-cost channel for mass marketing/ advertising
    • Startup App Store – Build tools & software from scratch that can be used by startups everywhere. Popularise them though SEO, online marketing etc.

How To Apply

Elitmus Job Role -: Apply Here

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