Relevel Android App Development Test Free Resources

Hello friends, a lot of people were requesting me for coming up with free resources to prepare for Relevel By Unacademy Android App Development Test. So here it is, we have listed all the good free resources for you to prepare for Relevel Android App development test exam.

relevel backend development test

How to Utilize these Resources

  • There Are Multiple Resources for one subjectjust choose the one you like and start preparing..
  • We have listed resources in the form of websites, books and YouTube Videos. Now you have to decide how much you have learn and practice the resources By Analyzing The Official Syllabus.
  • Do Make some Projects to be good in making Features and Solutions, That will help you perform better in both Back To Basic Round, Create Your Feature and in other rounds too.
  • Review Some Project’s Code and Analyze it for better understanding of How to build App Features and How to write clean code. You can find these Projects on GitHub.
  • Try to Practice How to Present Our Project and code and How to Enhance Your Solution, because in This test you will be doing that at some points.


Before Starting Your Preparation for the Relevel Test, we recommend you to please Go through the official syllabus for the Android App Development Test Here.

How to Prepare for Relevel Android App Development Test With Free Resources

Rounds in This Test

The Android App Development Test consists of a series of 5 rounds, conducted on a single day. Candidates who score above 150 after Rounds 1 and 2 qualify for subsequent rounds.

Achieve a Relevel Score above 700 and be prepared to receive offers from multiple companies. Here’s how it works:

Qualification Criteria

  • Candidates who score more than 150 in rounds 1 and 2  qualify for subsequent rounds.
  • Candidates who score more that 700 in total qualify the Relevel Test.

Candidates will be called for interviews by companies based on their overall Relevel Score.

Summary about the rounds and Sections


All Resources

Computer Science Fundamentals

C Programming Language

C++ Programming Language

Computer Networks

Operating Systems

Time and space complexity

Object Oriented Programming System


Date Structures and Algorithms

Lectures in C/C++ [Hindi DSA videos] : Click Here

Website to learn Data Structures and AlgorithmsClick Here

Data structure in C videos : Click Here

Book for Data Structures and Algorithms: Click Here

DSA Problems to solve 450 problem with solutions By Love Babbar: Click Here

Android App Development Resources

learn Java Core Here: Click Here

Resources to learn Android Development Learn in Hindi: Click Here

Learn Android Development in English: Click Here

Book to learn Android Development: Click Here

Android Interview Questions and Answers

Resource 1: Click Here

Resource 2: Click Here

Best Of Luck

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