Free Resources To prepare for HR Generalist Test

In This post we have listed some good resources to prepare for Relevel HR Generalist Test, there may found multiple resources for one subject so just check which resource you like to prepare with and start your preparation.

relevel HR Generalist test

Free Resources To prepare for HR Generalist Test

Rounds In this Test

The HR Generalist Test consists of a series of 5 rounds, conducted on a single day. Candidates who score above 150 after Rounds 1 and 2 qualify for subsequent rounds.

Achieve a Relevel Score above 700 and be prepared to receive offers from multiple companies. Here’s how it works:

Summary About the Rounds

Qualification Criteria

  • Candidates who score more than 150 in rounds 1 and 2  qualify for subsequent rounds.
  • Candidates who score more that 700 in total qualify the Relevel Test.

Candidates will be called for interviews by companies based on their overall Relevel Score.

Resources With Syllabus

Verbal Ability

Important Topics to Prepare

  • Antonyms 
  • Synonyms
  • Sentence Formation 
  • Ordering of Sentences
  • Spellings
  • Comprehension
  • Change of Speech 
  • Sentence Correction
  • Idioms and Phrases.
  • And More…


All Topics Covered with Tips and Tricks : Click Here

To Cover All Topics : Click Here

Sample questions and Answers [Video]: Click Here

Solve Question on This Website: Click Here 

Tips and Tricks for Reading Comprehension: Click Here

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

  • Caselets and Tables
  • Bar Graphs, Column Graphs, Venn Diagrams
  • Line Charts and Pie Chart 
  • Combination of two or more types linked to each other
  • Number and letter Series
  • Calendars, 
  • cubes and clocks
  • Binary Logic 
  • Seating Arrangement, 
  • Matching Logical Sequence
  • Connectives
  • Blood Relations
  • Games and Tournaments
  • Routes and Networks
  • Missing Information/Incorrect Information
  • And more


Data Interpretation: Click Here

Practice Data Interpretation Here: Click Here

Videos Lectures on Logical Reasoning: Click Here

Practice Logical Reasoning Here: Click Here

Human Resources Scenario [Practice MCQs]

Resource 1: Click Here

Resource 2: Click Here

Book For Preparation

Important Chapters to study from the given PDF Book Below: [Search From PDF]

From Part One

  1. Introduction to human resource management
  2. Equal Opportunity and the Law.
  3. Human Resource Mangement Strategy an analysis

From Part Two

  1. Job Analysis and the talent management Process
  2. Personnel Planning and Recruiting
  3. Employee Testing and Selection
  4. Interviewing Candidates

From Part three

  1. training and Developing employees.
  2. Performance management and Appraisal
  3. Employee Retention, Engagement, Careers.

From part four

  • Establishing Strategic Pay Plans
  • Benefits and services

From Part Five

  1. Ethics and Emploee Rights and Discipline
  2. Employee safety and Health.
  3. Managing global human resources

Comprehensive Cases

Human Resource Management Book: Click Here

Other Relevel Tests Resources

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