Must Follow Guidelines and Instruction to participate in Relevel Test.

If you are going to participate in the Relevel exam then, there are some instructions and guidelines to be followed to perform well in the Relevel test. We have found these guidelines from the official Relevel website, We just tried to gather all the important guideline at one post. Read them properly.

Instructions and guidelines to follow in order to perform well in your Relevel Test

  • For appearing in the Relevel exam you should have a laptop/pc with good internet speed and a good working webcam/camera.
  • Your computer should have a working microphone.
  • Please make sure that you are available at least 15 minutes before the start of each round.
  • Please adjust your camera in such a way, so that your face is completely visible.
  • Please sit at a place that has good lighting so that your face is always clearly visible.
  • Sit at a place/room where you don’t have any kind of disturbance and background noise.
  • When you appear for the test, always dress up formally or professionally.
  • your exam will be proctored so this is not allowed to use any other devices like mobile phone and any other electronic device.
  • Do not malpractice; it may lead to disqualification.
  • The entire test is based on English language so your answers and responses are expected to be in English language only.
  • You can connect your computer to earphones or headphones to get clear sound.
  • Make sure that no one else is around when you are participating in the test.
  • When you go to take the test, the Relevel platform will show you guidelines and instructions to successfully take the test in the form of video/text. Do not skip that video.

Some more instructions and guidelines.

  • Every wrong answer will have negative marking.
  • Please note that if you skip a round, you will not be allowed to attempt the subsequent round in the test.
  • Please ensure that your computer or laptop should have the latest version of Google Chrome browser.
  • Please close all the other running applications before taking the test such as Skype Google Hangout etc. these applications might interrupt your test.
  • Please note that, If you do not attempt any questions you will be awarded 0 marks for that question.
  • You can navigate the questions using the previous and next buttons.
  • Your audio will be recorded and you are completely proctored and your video will also be recorded.
  • At some points of your test, it is required to present your responses so you should be ready to share your laptop and PC screen and you should have good presentation skills.
  • In the Interview round you will be interviewed by an experienced person, this round will happen via Zoom so your local machine should have Zoom installed with good working conditions.
  • Lastly, we recommend you always visit the test page on Relevel official website, to get all the information about guidelines, syllabus structures etc.


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