13 Reasons why you should give Relevel Test | Benefits of taking the Relevel test

I am here to tell you some of the benefits of taking the Relevel test. There are too many benefits you can avail, If you perform very well in the Relevel test. 

They offer many positions like Frontend development and Business development and many more.

Let me tell you a bit about what is Relevel platform

Relevel owned by unacademy. relabel is a platform where well established companies and growing startups hire candidates from Relevel, based on the score of the relevel test. Read more about Relevel Here.

Some Benefits of appearing in Relevel tests.  

  1. The first benefit is that the exam is in online mode so you don’t have to go anywhere. If you have one laptop or a good internet connection, You can take this test from your home
  1. Second benefit is that they don’t put any kind of criteria requirement, the only eligibility you need to have is, you should be 18 + if you want to start your career in any position, even if they don’t require any kind of degree.
  1. The important benefit of the Relevel exam is that this test is free, no need to pay any money for taking this exam.
  1. In this exam if you perform well and achieve a very good score, then you will be able to land a job very early. It won’t take too much time to get yourself placed into a very good company.
  1. If you perform very extraordinary then Relevel releases a monthly leaderboard, where they mention some of the good performers names and those performers will get a chance to win exciting prizes like Macbook iPhone and apple watch etc 
  1. The process of taking your exam will be completed the same day you start taking the exam on a Relevel platform so you will get your score and the result very soon or at the same day you take the test.
  2. Once you get the score of your test, if it is a very good score, then you will get a chance to interview with  many good companies. Relevel has good companies coming out to their platform to hire candidates who score very good.
  1. One another important benefit is that if you get selected in multiple companies you will have that chance to choose your preferred company that you want to work with and want to start your career with.
  1. Relevel has provided the entire syllabus with what they are going to ask in the actual exam so you can download that syllabus PDF and start analysing that and start your preparation plan accordingly.
  1. Here companies do not pay very low packages all the packages, Tt starts with very handsome salary packages and infect people are also getting salary packages up to 40 lakh per annum.
  1. When you grab a good score, the Relevel platform will generate your score card and that score card will be visible for the companies that are hiring from the Relevel platform so it would be great for the companies to look at your scorecard, And company will start contacting you for an interview. 
  1. One other benefit is that, if you are not able to pass that exam in your first attempt or maybe second attempt you can also take the exam again after a gap of 30 days.
  1. Relevel platform is an unacademy’s platform so we all know that unacademy is a great educational platform in India so it is a very great pleasure for us to Participate in this test and achieve a good score.

Thank You and best of luck for your test.

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