Best Websites and Resource To Prepare for Your Aptitude Test Assessment

When a Candidate thinks to start preparing for their assessments or company placements, they always wonder about where to prepare for Aptitude tests or What are the best website to prepare for aptitude Tests.

Yes, You don’t have to worry about how to prepare for aptitude test because in this post, We have listed some good websites to prepare for Aptitude rounds with proper introduction of each website.

Now Aptitude Assessment can consists of Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability, Data Interpretation etc. If you are going for a Technical Role you might see Programming MCQ’s or Problems based on Programming.

Lets See…

Important Points To Be Noted

  • do not spent more time on the topic that has less importance to be there in the exam or Topic you already have done.
  • Analyst The Syllabus and difficulty level of your assessment and start preparing accordingly.
  • We have listed Many Resource here, just have a quick go through, and start preparing with the one you find suitable for you assessment preparation.
  • Do not Stuck with So many resource, just find one suitable resource from listed one’s and start your preparation with the same.

Top Websites and Resource To Prepare for Your Aptitude Test Assessment


This is very popular in job seeker and students to prepare for different different exams. This platform is a complete pack for preparing for you companies and jobs Assessment along with Interview questions and Answers.

Go And Start You Preparation


They are very talented people behind platform, I personally recommend this website to prepare for any competitive exams or placement exams. The good part of this website is, It has all the Topics covered which are Important to prepare, In order to perform good in your assessments.

You will find all the subjects tutorial along with quality solutions and Tips and Tricks.

Go To

3. Examveda

Examveda is a platform where you will find good MCQ’s on all the subjects to prepare for you next assessment. This website has listed most of the previously asked MCQ’s on many subjects like quantitative aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability, Reading comprehensions etc.

Go to

4. is our website, we are also posting very helpful resources to prepare for many exams and companies assessment. Just go to our website and click on “Free Resources” Me from the Navigation Bar and see resources.

Go To Free Resource On

Essay Writing Resources

Read This Article: Click Here
Watch This Video: Click Here

Puzzles practice

If your assessment is also have puzzle section in there, then this below mentioned websites will help you to prepare for you Interview and assessment puzzles round. Click Here

GeeksforGeeks: Search Interview Puzzles on GeeksforGeeks Here

programming MCQ’s [If you are going to a Technical Role Assessment]: Study Here

Solve/Practice Programming Problems with solutions [If your Assessment Includes Programming Section]

I recommend to prepare for Programming section on these platforms.

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